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Re: “Saudi Arabia presents fresh opportunities,” Dec. 8.

How is it that the murder and butchery of fellow journalist Jamal Khashoggi slipped the attention of Colorado Politics columnist Jimmy Sengenberger in his puff-piece column, which claimed that there has been real progress on human rights by the otherwise unabatedly brutal Saudi Arabian monarchy?

Might he have missed the preferential treatment(s) now given to some of those convicted in Khashoggi's demise?

How too, could Jimmy have continued to omit the five years of almost daily bombings and widespread havoc wrought by the American-equipped Saudi Air Force on both civilian and military targets in Yemen?

Why didn't he mention the Saudis’ brutal religious persecutions of non-Muslims internally and the execution of indigenous youths for supposed computer-based ill-thought comments?

Shouldn't he also have considered the Saudi royalty's actual role in financing the 9/11 attacks, before putting his pen to paper?

Russell W Haas


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