FEEDBACK | Is hysteria over Syria another round of yellow journalism?


Is, “Shoot first, and then determine a reason,” the new normal?

Is it not much more likely that the latest purported Syrian gas attack was staged as a “false flag operation,” by parties unknown, to counter President Trump’s recent statement that American troops, occupying sections of Syria, should be brought home soon?

How can the mere photo of a dead child determine the cause of his death much less be a justification for immediate bombing?

Is not such “yellow journalism” reminiscent of William Randolph Hearst’s 1898 directive to his Cuban-based reporter: “Give me the photos, and I’ll give you the war”?

Will the Joint Chiefs of Staff be courageous enough to stop the rush to war by the newly installed denizens of the White (a.k.a. War) House?

Russell W. Haas Golden


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