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Colorado Politics columnist Kelly Sloan should be congratulated for taking on the Polis administration’s paranoid approach to public policy and transparency ("SLOAN | Is Polis admin telling the press and public to butt out?" Oct. 31).

After tackling the shocking case of document destruction at the Department of Regulatory Affairs, Sloan reported on something just as secretive and disgraceful: A $3,500 demand from Polis health officials to access documents tied to the so-called state option. 

Who knew the Polis administration actually supports surprise billing?!

Seriously, though: For an administration that talks such a big game about saving people money on healthcare, charging excessive fees to keep their healthcare plans secret is simply disgraceful.

If the governor’s plans for health care are so good, and they don’t threaten real harm to the way our state’s health-care system operates, why hide behind a $3,500 surprise bill to access those records? Records, by the way, that taxpayers already paid for.

The answer is obvious: The officials who work for Gov. Polis know their plans are shaky at best, and they intend to hide them from the public as long as they can before ramming them through in the dark of night — or the middle of a major snow storm.

At least they didn’t promise if you like your health-care plan, you can keep your health-care plan.

Joe Marnich


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