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Re: OPINION: Make drillers, not taxpayers, cover cleanup costs, Sept. 20

In Colorado, the oil and gas industry pays for orphan well remediation. Despite the anti-oil and gas lobby’s claims, taxpayers are not on the hook. The state has a dedicated and required, industry-sponsored fund to plug and reclaim orphan wells. Colorado has one of the smallest numbers of orphan wells in the nation, in large part because our industry has supported the COGCC in reclamation efforts for years. 

While Colorado oil and natural gas companies are producing some of the cleanest oil and gas molecules on the planet, dark money groups like LOGIC are producing only spin and misinformation. Their goal is to shut down industry, and they’ll twist any topic toward that singular objective. If they succeed, the United States will import gasoline and natural gas from countries with poor labor standards and weak environmental protections, while charging you more at the pump and raising rates on utility bills. That backwards agenda would harm Coloradans and amplify global climate impacts.

Dan Haley

President & CEO

Colorado Oil & Gas Association

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