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If we want presidential candidates to value our Colorado voices, it’s important we vote "no" on Proposition 113. Prop 113 would give Colorado’s presidential electoral votes to whomever gets the most votes in the country, not based on whom we vote for in Colorado. To some, that may sound appealing on the surface but upon closer inspection this simply gives California the ability to dictate our nation’s presidential outcomes.

Indeed, Prop 113 should be called “Do we want California to decide the president for the other 49 states?” 

California has swung national popular vote totals drastically before, such as recently when a candidate won by 1.4 million votes when adding up 49 states’ results — but then lost it by 2.8 million votes when California was included. In fact, Los Angeles County alone has a larger population than 41 other states do. It’s clear that if we go simply with the national popular vote, California will be able to decide the president for the other 49 states. 

It’s no surprise then that the majority of the funding for Prop 113 is coming from California.

If we give up our Colorado voice like this, then candidates won’t focus on what’s important to us but instead on large population centers like California as they’ll be deciding the outcome. Do we want California dictating policy and deciding what’s important for Colorado and the rest of the country? 

Our diversity of thought and experience across our country is one of our greatest strengths. To reflect this diversity, our founders realized we don’t just need agreement from a lot of people, but agreement from a lot of people in a lot of different places. That’s why it’s important for a president to earn not just the coastal population vote but the vote of those throughout the country. 

Let’s continue valuing that diversity and preserving our Colorado voice by voting “no” on Prop 113!

Will Johnson

Highlands Ranch

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