The homeless will run amok

Initiative 300 may be one of the worst ideas Denver has ever had. Not only will it affect Denver adversely, it will also adversely affect the surrounding suburbs. 

I had the privilege of going on a Denver police ride-along in District 6 last week. During part of the ride we visited two of the rescue missions and had an ambulance pick up a drug addict with a life-threatening infection. It was a very eye-opening experience. My hat goes off to those who are working trying to help these people.  The numbers of drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill and challenged veterans is huge. Those just down on their luck seem to be the minority.

At this point it is difficult enough to provide or increase services to the homeless, and it will become impossible once they begin camping all over the city of Denver, and the numbers will increase dramatically.  Many these people do not want to be rehabilitated, and a significant number cannot be rehabilitated.  As the numbers increase, so will the problems. 

The citizens of Denver will be unable to use many of Denver’s parks and recreation areas; conventions will not want to bring their attendees to Denver, and tourism will decrease. This will put further financial strain on Denver and further limit the number of these people we can help. The problems will envelop the city, and it will spread to the suburbs.

I cannot imagine that the people of Denver would vote to so dramatically decrease the quality of their city and their own lives.

Dr. William F Hineser, DPM


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