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It has been said, “A taxpayer voting for a Democrat is like a cow voting for the butcher.” The citizens of Denver seem to have made that same error by voting in school board members who wish to undermine charter and private schools. 

Lyndon Johnson’s great society resulted in the breakup of minority families and created the plantation we now call the “inner city.”  In many cases the only chance for a decent education in the inner city is the charter and/or private school.

Charter schools allow inner-city children to escape poor-performing schools and excel. This is also true for gifted children who are held back by the poor-quality inner-city schools. Why would the citizens of Denver want to harm their children in this manner?

Hopefully, this can be rectified during the next school board election before these beneficial programs are dismantled to the detriment of those students in need of their services.

William F Hineser, DPM


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