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Education Moms, it is you who will determine the results of the November election throughout America.  Is there a clear measure against which we can know the suitability of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party to receive our vote?

I believe that the measure should be the foundational civil right of every American to participate equally in government — in other words, our right to govern ourselves.

In Old Europe, the king bargained away the right of the people to govern themselves to his favored private group — his courtiers: nobles, who were able administrators but who put their own interests before the interests of the people.

Our country's founders risked their "lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor" in war to correct in their new America the bargaining away of what they saw as the foundational human right to govern ourselves.

But our founders, living in their time and their culture, made the grievous mistake of denying many people this foundational right. Throughout our history, we have worked and we still work to correct our founders' mistake. In this work we should ask, "Which of our two major political parties today asserts the foundational right of every American to participate equally in governing ourselves?"

In our public schools, the Democratic Party supports liberal school boards in nearly all of America's big cities and most of their suburbs, as well as in 37 of the larger public school districts of Colorado. The boards bargain away the right of the citizens to govern themselves to a teachers' union, which is a non-generally elected private corporation.

In bargaining away the people's right to govern our school, the liberal school board empowers the private union to usurp the authority of the people before it reaches down to the school principal.  Having lost the authority of the people to lead, the principal has become a passive evaluator of teachers who is required to tediously evaluate the teachers as children.

Lacking the authority of the people, the principal leads no independent teacher-parent organization for the school to encourage the parents to give their input to good school-wide adult procedures and student rules.  Thus kept in the dark, the parents, too, have become as children.

The Republican Party believes in the opposite approach:  The local school board should pass the full authority of the people over their public school down to the school principal to lead the teachers and the parents together.  These united adults create the environment of success and safety for every student in good charter schools but which is rare in our traditional schools.

In each of our big cities where intimidation and violent rioting continue, the Democrat mayor has effectively bargained away the right of us people to protect order to leftist private groups to commit lawlessness.  The Democrat governor of the respective state has also effectively bargained away the authority of us people over our state government to the leftist private groups by failing to step in to quell the violence.

In nearly all our big cities, Democrat city governments — or a Democrat majority of the voters — have bargained away the right of the people to govern ourselves in our police and fire departments to private corporation police and fire department unions, making it difficult for the chief to fire an isolated bad officer.  This was the cause of the beginning of our national upheaval in the killing of George Floyd.

In the public employee pension funds of Democrat-dominated states, including Colorado's PERA, that are over-committed and threaten to bankrupt the state, the Democrat legislature and governor have bargained away much of the people's right to govern ourselves to private corporation employee unions.

The Republican Party stands in opposition to the bargaining away of the right of every citizen to participate equally in government in favor of government by a political party's favored private groups. The foundational right of every citizen to participate equally in government is the assurance to each person that her or his life matters.  E pluribus unum!  

James Sayler

Colorado Springs

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