Sex-ed bill raises troubling questions

How is it that, the more purported sex education provided by government (a.k.a. public) schools, the more that is deemed necessary and now mandatory statewide in Colorado (in the form of the "Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education" of House Bill 1032) to address deteriorating conditions?

How many Jeffco residents know:

  • In the mid 1980s, their district's so-called sex-education textbook had a chapter, "Having sex with animals," and the recommended sanitary precautions for such practitioners? (Sounds pretty "comprehensive," doesn't it?)
  • That section on bestiality was only discovered by a mom who was leafing through the copy which her daughter had brought home?
  • When the mom brought her concerns to the school, she was told: "Oh, we don't teach "that" chapter?
  • That, not satisfied, the mom raised such a stink along with other parents that the district pulled the book?

In this day of electronic textbooks, how will any parent be able to know the nature of what is, or will be, presented by a biased curriculum committee, or even hackers? Pornography perhaps?

Are not the terms, "age appropriate" and "healthy relationships," which are bandied about in HB19-1032, purely subjective?

Doesn't this bill's seeming intent to push "how to" sexual activities onto 9-year-olds, and perhaps even those younger, open the door to the grooming of innocent children by making all sexual contacts seem normal?

Mightn't such acceptance lead to more pedophilia or pederasty within schools or without?

Isn't the vision of this bill that of Huxley's "Brave New World," where women wore "bandoleers of contraceptives" such that they could be always available?

Wouldn't society be better off if government-controlled, so-called sex-ed was eliminated?

Russell W. Haas


'Is this what the citizens of Colorado really desired?'

A person cannot help but wonder at recent political changes. Much of the world wants to come to the United States because “we got it right.” So, why are we so eager to make changes that would undermine the benefits most of us enjoy — and that make us liked by so much of the world that is not "getting it right”? 

A huge section of the left wants to move toward socialism, to give it all away, even though we clearly can't afford what we are doing now. Once again socialism has never worked and only creates a ruling class that regulates how the rest of us receive our “benefits” while promoting dependency. This appears to be both a state and national trend.

Now that the left has full control of both Colorado’s legislature and the governorship, it is rolling forward with Gestapo-like precision to bend Colorado to the left. The left is attacking the intent of the Constitution with Senate Bill 19-042, which would tie our electoral votes to the popular vote, rather than the intent of our citizens, thereby negating our vote as both a state and as individuals. Then there is a bill re-defining sex education and the beginning of an attempt to undermine the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. TABOR is the only thing that stands between our citizens and the tyranny of the legislators.

With full control, the left can move forward while pretending to be bipartisan. Is this what the citizens of Colorado really desired?  How many of you are now regretting that you did not vote? 

William F. Hineser, DPM


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