FEEDBACK: Civil rights, PERA's woes — and an aquanaut for CU regent


Civil Rights Division, Commission ensure a valued, respected work force

As a citizen and small-business owner, I testified in favor of reauthorizing the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission in front of the House Judiciary Committee. I was relieved when it passed reauthorization on a decisive 10-1 vote.

The growth of Colorado’s strong economy depends on attracting and retaining a talented workforce — a workforce that feels valued and respected. The Civil Rights Division gives our employees, customers and community the confidence that they will be treated fairly and equally in our state.

The Colorado Civil Rights Division investigates claims of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and other characteristics. The division also protects fair businesses from the expense related to unfounded complaints by conducting impartial investigations that businesses can rely upon.

We need the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission because our strong economy is built on a strong foundation of respecting civil rights. When people don’t feel secure, they can’t work and they can’t spend money, which is bad for our businesses. I urge all pro-business legislators to likewise vote yes on the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission reauthorization.

Dan Shannon Owner of Gary’s Auto Service and Good Business Colorado member Denver

Will PERA leave Colorado taxpayers twisting in the wind?

Regarding the un-sustainability of PERA in this election year:

Shouldn’t Coloradans be asking: Is there a single state office seeker or incumbent who would have the courage to utter the perilous truth: “Chapter 9 U.S. Bankruptcy Court is the only feasible solution.”?

Wouldn’t their campaigns immediately go down in flames if they did so?

Shouldn’t the specter of ever larger PERA annual “stabilization payments” alone, which are increasing at the rate of $40 million a year (heading for the billion-dollar mark), and are bleeding school districts and other agencies across the state of needed operational revenue, mandate the immediate moving of this conundrum from our legislature to the hands of an impartial federal judge?

Shouldn’t, then, our term-limited governor and our media step up to the plate, “grasp this (financial) nettle,” and say: “Move the question (to Chapter 9)!”?

Or, will Colorado’s taxpayers once again be left twisting in the wind?

Russell W. Haas Golden

‘I have the courage and energy to make CU a beacon’

Thank you, caucus goers. Congratulations county assembly delegates! You have some important decisions to make about which candidates best represent your values and interests.

I’m Lesley Smith, an exceptionally qaulified candidate running for University of Colorado regent at large, a statewide race. I’m the only candidate who has had a nearly 30-year career as a scientist and educator at CU, as well as an eight-year tenure on my local school board. I understand the role of the regents, similar to the role of school board — set the vision for our  flagship university system, oversee the president, and allocate the budget based on the values of our statewide community.

I plan to reach out across our state through local townhalls to learn how CU can best serve your children and your community. I was the first woman aquanaut to live and work in the Aquarius underwater research lab, and I was one of the few women students in my reaearch institution.

I have the courage and energy to make CU a beacon among public institutions. I will ensure that CU offers students an excellent, relevant education that equips them with workforce-ready skills. I will work to attract strong funding for a strong CU system, and I will fight for affordable, accessible pathways to success. I have the experience to make a difference in our state. If you see me at assembly, please say hello! I’d love to earn your vote.

Please visit my website to learn more about my campaign:

Lesley Smith Candidate for CU regent at large Boulder


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