In light of another electoral drubbing in Colorado, can the GOP begin to consider what it would take to become a sensible, centrist-governing party?

1. Trump was not wrong about everything. I know it’s hard to start a claim to “sensible” with any praise for Donald Trump, but, here goes. I think Donald Trump assumed from day one that the media was never going to give him a fair shake, and he treated them accordingly. For 30 years, the GOP has constantly complained about the media, but he seems to be the first pol to take them on. And the media seemed almost relieved to embrace that role. So, stop whining. Just understand. You don’t have to call it names —just acknowledge it is reality. 

2. Authenticity resonates with voters. To a point. If your “style” repeatedly manifests itself in tweeting stupid things while your opposition is in the middle of committing hari-kari, then that’s a character flaw. After all, if you can’t discipline yourself to act in your own self-interest, how can you discipline yourself to act in the country’s interest?

3. Trump has killed arguments based on personality flaws of candidates. Repeated, single-minded attacks on Hickenlooper corruption couldn’t work in this environment. Personal scandals? Compared to Trump? Really?

4. And anyway, it’s all about the agenda. Give us a choice, at least. Ask the Democrat congressional caucus, whose leaked meeting points to how much the GOP gained when the message was the agenda of defunding the police, open borders, packing the court, and the Green New Deal.

5. And if there is a coherent Republican plan to improve health care in America, it would be nice to share it.

6. The money battle is probably now, forever more, skewed to the left. When the left amassed enough of a war chest to run television ads for state House seats, and you can’t even run TV for your congressional candidates… For the voters to have a legitimate choice, the GOP has to rebuild its infrastructure to have at least enough money to get their message out. 

It took an act of God — and the Chinese Communist Party — to derail the economy and make this a real contest this year. And in the stresses, extremists from both ends took center stage. Now there’s an opportunity for a centrist coalition to come forward and actually lead. And whether Joe Biden keeps his pledge to do that or not, the Colorado GOP needs to find its way back to and reclaim the center.

Michael J. Alcorn


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