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I’m urging Coloradans to please vote with compassion this election and vote no on Proposition 115. If passed, Prop 115 would put a ban on abortions later in pregnancy, with zero exceptions for a lethal fetal diagnosis or if a woman’s health is at risk. Abortion later in pregnancy only accounts for about 1% of all abortion care, and many of these cases are the result of a devastating diagnosis during a very wanted pregnancy. This cruel ban would impact many families like mine. 

When my wife and I found out our son Nikolaus wouldn’t survive outside the womb we were already at 20.5 weeks. The gravity of the situation took many days to digest with much grief. The doctors visits/MRIs/talking with family and friends was exhausting and also heartbreaking. I can’t imagine having to make this important decision with a 22-week ban like Prop 115 hanging over our heads. The added pressure of having to process our situation, continue scheduling tests, and making a decision before some arbitrary cutoff date of 22 weeks would have been unbearable. 

No matter how hard we hoped, after second opinions and tests from Children’s Hospital (one of the best in the country), it was clear that nothing could be done to save my son. Having an abortion later in pregnancy was one of the most difficult decisions my wife and I ever had to make, but so far has proved to be the most profound decision of our lives as we were able to peacefully say goobye to our son, and then were able to conceive our beautiful healthy daughter Amalie May.

Had my wife been forced to continue her unviable pregnancy she could have lost her life. That’s what “pro-life” means to me. What if my daughter is faced with this same problem during a pregnancy? Please let that sink in a moment.

There are families like mine everywhere. New couples receive the worst news of their lives at their 20-week anatomy scans everyday. Let them make the decisions that work for their family with their doctors. Every time  we attend our therapy group “difficult decisions,” we are introduced to multiple new couples who went through similar devastating experiences like us. This ban includes no exceptions for families like mine. Please vote no.

Dominik Von Pichl

Commerce City

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