C'mon down to the Colorado State Fair — where a great event has gotten even better


The Colorado State Fair is rapidly approaching, and I wanted to provide an open invitation to anyone and everyone who wants a truly fantastic fair experience.  The Colorado State Fair is one of the things I look forward to each and every year, and this year, with new leadership at the helm it is surely not to disappoint.  There is always a time for new ideas and innovation, and I anticipate that this year will be one of change and invigoration.

The State of Colorado, specifically the Fair staff, led by the Colorado State Fair Director Sarah Cummings, has been busy elevating the customer experience with “MORE FREE TO SEE.”  They have been working on upgrading the physical appeal and providing some “freshness” that fair-goers have been seeking.  They have taken the psychology of event flow, yes that’s event terminology, to an all new level, and they’ve done so on limited resources and time.  I for one am excited to see the changes and attempts at making the Fair an even better event than it already is.

It’s not every day that you get to experience racing pigs, sea lions, or zip lining all in one location in Colorado, but it’s the 4-H and FFA kids that steal my heart every year.  The Fair administration and staff have tried diligently to ensure that there is something to see and do for everyone.  While I’m a stalwart for keeping the fair in Pueblo, I also know that we have to have an event that appeals to everyone across this great state, and this year should not disappoint.

Then there are all the things you don’t necessarily pay attention to like better parking, new animal wash areas, an improved sewer project, new asphalt in some areas, and strategically placing some attractions in an attempt to better drive the flow and traffic to underutilized areas.  Events like this don’t just happen, and there has been serious thought into each and every aspect of this year’s fair.

Finally, there is the Junior Livestock Sale where the 4-H and FFA children sell the animals they have raised.  This sale generates about $500,000.00 annually for our youth exhibitors, and if you have not been to the sale, you should come and experience it.  There are plenty of ways to support the fair, and sale day is not only one of emotion, but it is a lot of fun too.  A great deal of that money generated comes from people right here in Southern Colorado who recognize the benefits of supporting the youth across our great state.  From the decorative embroidered shirts of the Denver Rustlers Buyers group to the Fair Ladies Buyers group, thousands of kids from across Colorado have paid their way through college from the investment that all of the buyer groups have invested over the years, and there are many buyer groups that anyone could become involved with.

The Colorado State Fair provides nearly $34 million in economic activity to Colorado throughout the year, and $29 million of that activity is driven by the annual Colorado State Fair event.  As you can tell, I’m very proud of the Colorado State Fair, and I’m very proud of Pueblo and all of Southern Colorado for making it an event the entire state can be proud of.  So come on out to the Fair, and enjoy a piece of Pueblo and Southern Colorado history and the future.

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