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News: Volunteers of America is celebrating its 125 years of charity by launching a new page on its website to share stories of VOA volunteers and frontline workers. "The goal is to post 125 stories in 2021," the organization shared in a press release, "but the hope is to be able to continue and celebrate the many lives that continue to make a difference across the U.S."

The stories come from health care workers, corrections staff and others who have found value in VOA. On its website, VOA shared the stories of those in Colorado who were affected by the nonprofit.

A woman named Alycia was encouraged by her mother to apply to the VOA housing unit Boulevard One in Lowry when she was a young single mother. Her record contained a felony, so Alycia had a hard time finding a stable home.

Staying at Boulevard One "gave me a second chance with housing, assistance with securing a job, and the ability for my daughter to have a better life," she said. Alycia currently works as a Peer Navigator at the Denver Public Library.

VOA has 50 critical human service programs throughout the state of Colorado, providing housing services, food and nutrition services, veterans' services and community support programs. 

Last year, VOA's Colorado chapter served 205,205 people.

“Volunteers of America has many things to be thankful for in its 125-year history," said Mike King, national president and CEO of Volunteers of America. “Of all that we are blessed with, the people who work for us and our clients and patients that have fought hard to survive difficulties—these are our greatest assets. It is the least we can do to recognize them and tell their remarkable stories.”

The stories will also be shared on VOA's social media channels.

About the organization: Volunteers of America has 30 affiliates and more than 400 programs across the U.S., including homeless shelters and food banks. Serving over 1.5 million people a year, it provides housing, programs and additional services for homeless veterans, families, seniors and those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

Websites: https://www.voa.org/125-faces-voa


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