News: Timing is everything, especially when it comes to planning an outdoor event in the middle of monsoon season. Case in point: Warren Village’s annual summer garden party.

Had this thank-you to longtime supporters been scheduled for Aug. 15, it would have been washed out by the torrential rain that flooded streets throughout the metro area. Fortunately, the festivities at pediatrician Jody Mathie’s Belcaro neighborhood home took place the following evening, on Aug. 16.

To be sure, some drops did fall, but they stopped as quickly as they had started so that the 100 or so guests could spend a leisurely couple of hours enjoying an hors d’oeuvres buffet from Adde’s Catering Kitchen and remarks from Warren Village’s president/CEO Ethan Hemming.

“Warren Village doesn’t exist without all of you,” Hemming told a crowd that included Denver mayoral candidate Kelly Brough and renowned architect Curt Fentress, whose designs include the Al-Rayah Tower in Kuwait City, the National Museum of the Marine Corps, the Colorado Convention Center and Warren Village III.

Warren Village III is a $52 million, state-of-the-art campus being built at 1373 W. Nevada Place in Denver. It will have 89 apartment homes, an early learning center that can serve 100-plus children, community meeting space, college and workforce training classrooms, and other amenities.

“In two years we will open that campus,” Hemming promised, adding that the opening date cannot come soon enough because of “an unrelenting demand” for the services and opportunities it will provide.

In the coming year, Hemming added, Warren Village is “Renewing our commitment to service,” especially as it relates to mental health.

There are now two full-time mental health clinicians on site, Hemming said, to help the single-parent families living there to better cope with stressors relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, a possible recession and societal divisions.

Also speaking at the party was Annette, who, since completing her stay at Warren Village, has earned a college degree, paid off some $10,000 in credit card debt and is employed as the alumni navigator at Warren Village. Her purpose now, Annette said, is to “Inspire and motivate others like me.”

About the organization: Warren Village is dedicated to helping low-income single-parent families transition from poverty to self-sufficiency by providing comprehensive resources to empower them to change their life trajectory.

Website: warrenvillage.org

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