Autumn Day

"Autumn Day," by Colorado artist Emily Wahl to be given to a Phantom Ball ticketholder.



News: The invitation to the 16th Phantom Ranch Ball, a fundraiser for Colorado Open Lands, reads:

“A make-believe gala, a make-believe hall

You choose the time for your own celebration

But please celebrate by sending a donation!”

What that means is no one has to get all gussied up for some fancy party in order to raise money for this nonprofit organization dedicated to forever preserving the beauty of Colorado’s land and water.

Rather, supporters can donate $25 and receive one entry for the chance to win “Autumn Day,” a watercolor by Colorado artist Emily Wahl. Of course, multiple purchases are encouraged.

Wahl, a member of the Summit County Arts Council who previously served on the board of Women of Watercolor, earned a degree from Cornell and was an executive at BMC Software before retiring and moving to Colorado. She describes herself as “An avid skier, hiker, swimmer, scuba diver and artist.”

She draws inspiration from the beauty of the Colorado mountains and “complexity of urban scenes.”

Phantom Ball “tickets” can be purchased by visiting the Colorado Open Lands website. The deadline is April 1. For every six tickets, donors receive a five-pack of blank notecards with the “Autumn Day” image on the front.

About the organization: According to the Colorado Open Lands website, “The ‘why’ of our work is based on the fact that 60 percent of the state’s land is owned by private individuals and organizations, and only 2 percent is currently protected.” Colorado Open Lands promotes conservation easements tailored to each property that limit future building, creation of new parcels and changes that harm the natural features of the land. The current use, be it farming, ranching, hunting or recreation is written into the easement which protects the land in perpetuity.


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