We learn two things in the latest Colorado Senate Democrats’ podcast with Sen. Rachel Zenzinger: She’s a great fiancee and a great mom.

The Democrat from Arvada is a sports nut. She has apps on her phone to follow scores and teams, and she can break down a bullpen like Vin Scully.

Her favorite sport of team? “It just depends on what season it is,” she says in the latest “Behind the Scenes” podcast with caucus staffers Jill Mullen and David Pourshoushtari.

She was decked out in purple on the Colorado Rockies’ opening day, and nearly won the Senate Democrats’ March Madness bracket.

“It’s something my fiance and I just really enjoy doing together,” Zenzinger said. “And it’s exciting in Colorado in part because we have such great sports teams.”

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

“I always keep hope alive,” she said of the Rockies.

She also has a great special interest with her daughters, Sophia, 13. and Olivia, 11: learning about the world on plate at a time.

Zenzinger said kids tend tend to gravitate to comfort foods, mac and cheese and such. One day when the trio was in downtown Denver for a celebration, Zenzinger picked a “fancy” restaurant, Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian steakhouse that doubles or triples as a feast for the eyes and brain with its international flare.

That led to the girls studying about international cultures, then trying out local restaurants.

Sophia has picked the same restaurant to celebrate her last three birthdays at a Peruvian restaurant in the Cebiche Highlands in northeast Denver,

Zenzinger is some kind of hybrid freshman in the Senate. She was appointed to the seat in 2013, when Evie Hudak resigned rather than weather a recall campaign. Two other Democratic senators were ousted that year over their support for gun-control bills.

Zenzinger lost the 2014 election to Republican Laura Woods, then came back to win the seat in November.

Check out the podcast on the Senate Democrats’ YouTube page to hear more, including the girls differing takes on escargot at the famed Le Central French restaurant in Denver just before it closed in 2015. (“She went back to school and told all her friends I tried to make her eat escargot.”)

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