Specialty license plates

Colorado specialty license plate configurations available through an online auction through this Friday, Nov. 26. 

Looking for that gift that will last well past the holidays?

How about a Jingle license plate, the perfect gift for that person who celebrates the holidays year-round?

The Colorado Disability Funding Committee, which has hosted several auctions of specialty license plates in the last two years, has come up with a new group of special license plate configurations that are available through an online auction through this Friday, Nov. 26 at 8 p.m.

The 63 new plates include configurations like RUDY, GRINCH, FREEZE, SNOWFUN, SNOWMBL, MTNBRDER (mountain boarder), GOTSKIS, and 1STNOEL.

Two plates in this week's auction — MJCZAR ($250) and MRBILL ($200) — are already sold. The highest-bid plate — someone put in $500 — that is still available is "2022." GRINCH's highest bid is $400.

One configuration that didn't make the list: HO-HO-HO. 

Auction winners receive the exclusive right to use the configuration on their Colorado-registered vehicle.

“What better gift can you give than a customized license plate configuration?” Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera said. “Proceeds from the sale of these license plate configurations support programs that increase quality of life for people with disabilities, so even if you are buying the configuration for your own vehicle, you are still giving to a good cause!”

Proceeds from the plate sale will help the Disability Committee fund grants for programs for people with disabilities in Colorado.

Previous auctions of 110 license plate configurations, such as one tied to the July All-Star Major League Baseball game and another tied to 4/20, helped raise $85,000 in 2021 alone. The committee awarded $40,000 in grants this year. Among the recipients is Family Voices Colorado, which creates and distributes educational materials to families with young children who are deaf-blind. 

Keep in mind that next year, the state could offer the old style Colorado plates, green mountains with a white sky, through legislation passed in the 2021 session. That style was retired but will be available again if there is enough demand for it. The old style plates come with a $25 donation to the Disability Committee.

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