Republican Liberty Caucus

A group that calls itself "the Conscience of the Republican Party" claimed Tuesday that recent mass shootings are part of a Marxist plot for gun control.

"It would seem 'mass shooting incidents' are resuming... Just in time to provide the basis for a propaganda-blitz in support of disarming innocent people," according to the Facebook post on Tuesday from the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado. The post was published less than 24 hours after the shooting at a south Boulder King Soopers that killed 10 people, including Officer Eric Talley, an 11-year veteran of the Boulder Police Department.

"The timing of these things is suspicious, to say the least," according to the Facebook post published around 2 p.m. Tuesday. "That may seem horrifically cynical, but there is good reason for suspicion with the Marxist Party in power. Their campaign to disarm Americans is a cornerstone of of their Utopian vision."

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado has been led by Sue Moore of Englewood since Oct. 2017. Moore is a former chair of the Denver GOP.

Other officers include Vice Chair Karl Honegger of Broomfield, Treasurer Steve Dorman of Lakewood and Secretary Jecca Geffre of Aurora.

The Facebook post is unsigned.

The post doesn't identify the "Marxists" but claims "their campaign to disarm the citizenry requires the fact-warping propaganda-blitz generated by numerous mass-shooting incidents. Just as their campaign to codify anti-white racism required legitimizing riots, arson, looting and a fact-warping propaganda-blitz about cops. Would the Marxists actively facilitate these incidents by releasing murderers? It's not possible to know."

The post concluded with "having discarded moral foundation, there is NO ACT too evil, cruel or inhumane to commit in pursuit of a 'greater good' that is defined in statistical (collective) rather than human terms. Our government is in the hands of Collectivists. Suspicion is appropriate."

The Republican Liberty Caucus is best known for its annual Liberty scorecard, compiled by the caucus officers plus former state Sen. Tim Neville of Littleton; Susan Kochevar of Commerce City and attorney Paul Cohen, according to the organization's website. The scorecard rates Colorado lawmakers on conservative metrics on a scale of 1 to 100. Democrats usually receive ratings at 20 or below; Republican ratings are usually in the 70s or higher, although in 2021 a handful of Republicans got marks at 60 or below. 

The highest rated Republican in 2021 is Rep. Dave Williams, R-Colorado Springs, at 93; second is Rep. Patrick Neville, R-Castle Rock, at 91.

The state Republican Party did not respond to an email seeking comment. The Liberty Caucus claims it assists the state party with recruiting candidates. 

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