The CEO of Dominion Voting Systems has reportedly followed through on his intent to sue attorney Sidney Powell for defamation.

The Washington Post reported Friday that the Denver-based company filed a lawsuit demanding more than $1.3 billion in damages over the allegations that it played a role in a scheme to defraud the election.

Earlier in the week, CEO John Poulos had said that a lawsuit against Powell was imminent.

"Our focus right now is on Sidney Powell, and there's very good reason for that. She is by far in our opinion the most egregious and prolific purveyor of the falsities against Dominion. Her statements have caused real damage. They're demonstrably false," he told Axios on Monday.

"We were originally quiet and we sat back as a company," he added. "Because our hope was that all of these claims would be filed in a process in court where procedure and evidence is important. And it's become clear to us that there is absolutely no interest to reveal this evidence because we know it doesn't exist. And there's no effort to actually put it in front of the court proceedings so that these allegations and all of the evidence can follow a proper process and be litigated right to the end."

In the interview, Poulos didn’t rule out suing President Trump, saying his legal team would mostly handle that decision.

Powell has been adamant that fraud occurred during the presidential election and had filed four separate lawsuits seeking to overturn the results. All of the suits failed in court.

Poulos had confirmed in December that Dominion would file defamation lawsuits against Powell and others who have spread what he characterized as “falsities” regarding the company and the presidential election.

"Well, several different actors have been promoting lies and amplifying those lies, as I said, on various media platforms, since Election Day. And many Americans across the country have been listening to this, repeatedly, and it’s causing serious doubts with their election systems, which, in our opinion, is the exact intent of these actors," he said at the time. "We fully expect that none of them will be retracting their statements. So it forces our hand to file action."

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