Democrat Joe Neguse files for SoS

Democratic Secretary of State candidate Joe Neguse, left, announces his campaign on June 25 at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library in Denver. He is flanked, from left, by Rep. Crisanta Duran, D-Denver, former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, and former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb. 

Colorado's U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse is in the brightest spotlight of his career, after speaking every day during the historic second impeachment of former President Donald Trump. 

Neguse was 29 years old when he first ran for secretary of state. The son of Eritrean immigrants who fled war for America, Neguse was considered one of University of Colorado-Boulder's "Fantastic Four," as Colorado Politics' Ernest Luning wrote about him and his classmates state Sen. Steve Fenberg, state Rep. Leslie Herod and Lisa Kaufmann, chief of staff to Gov. Jared Polis. 

“We found unity in purpose,” Neguse told Colorado Politics at that time. He was the first of the group to serve in public office when he was elected a CU regent in 2008 while he was still in law school.

The Boulder Democrat, now serving his second term, has worked his way up to the House of Representatives with a steady career that Colorado Politics has followed since his run for secretary of state.

Take a look at Neguse's career with our coverage of the lawmaker's bills, campaigns, town halls and more over the years:

Colorado Politics followed up with Neguse after his whirlwind first year as a congressman:

"The Democrat from Boulder introduced the most bills of any freshmen (30, four of which became law), launched a town hall initiative, hosted senior congressional officials in his 2nd District and was elected the freshman class' co-representative to House leadership."

It didn't come as a shock that Neguse won reelection. Colorado Politics got in touch with Neguse before he headed back to Capitol Hill:

“A new Congress brings new opportunities, and just as we did over the last two years, we are focused on leading locally, listening to our community and working to solve problems for our district and the people of Colorado,” he said.

Neguse also laid out what he was most excited to work on in the coming year:

But in the latest news, Neguse has been heavily involved in the historic second impeachment proceedings against former President Trump, as one of the nine-member team of impeachment managers. This came after Neguse argued on Wednesday that Trump was responsible for inciting the mob of Trump-supporters that attacked the U.S. Capitol building, and on Tuesday that the trial was constitutional:

Colorado Politics followed when he made his closing arguments for impeachment.

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