Theresa Williams, 19, of Denver, carries a sign while chanting on the steps of the Colorado Capitol during a youth-organized "climate strike" on Friday, Sept. 20, 2019. The event coincided with the Global Climate Strike and Week of Action worldwide. Organizers said 5,000 attended the event that began at Union Station and ended in a rally on the steps of the Capitol.

Boulder-based Western Resource Advocates says a new United Nations report proves the case for major steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions to avert the worst that climate change could do.

The UN's "Emissions Gap Report" called out China and the United States, in particular, for failing to heed scientists' warnings and halt still-rising greenhouse gas.

The report recommended cutting global emissions by 7.6% a year over the next decade.

“This new assessment of scientific studies shows that we’re at a crucial point in addressing climate change," Jon Goldin-Dubois, the president of Western Resource Advocates, said in a statement. "We need leadership at the national and international level, but action by states and local communities is critical in making real progress.

“While the report’s findings are daunting, we’ve seen historic efforts this year across the interior West that will lead to dramatic reductions in carbon emissions and serve as a model for climate action by communities across the world. This momentum gives us hope, but make no mistake, the timeframe for avoiding the worst effects of climate change is growing shorter, and additional steps that dramatically reduce carbon emissions are urgently needed. WRA will continue to work with state leaders and advocates to keep our region at the forefront of addressing climate change and ensuring a better future for ourselves and generations to come.”

President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord in 2017. The global agreement sought to reduce emissions.

Colorado, under former Gov. John Hickenlooper, vowed to continue to meet and exceed the accord's standards. Current Gov. Jared Polis and fellow Democrats who control the legislature have stepped up the pace to converting the state to greener energy.

House Speaker KC Becker of Boulder authored the state Climate Action Plan that passed in the last legislative session, and the state is taking a harder regulatory look at fossil fuel production, as policymakers promote electric vehicles in Colorado.

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