Website that alleges purge of Colo. voters is wrong, says secretary of state

A voter drops off ballots at a Jefferson County drop-off box in Arvada in the 2016 general election.

Recall petitions are underway against two Colorado Democratic lawmakers over their votes on Senate Bill 42, the bill that will add Colorado to the national popular vote interstate compact.

And a Facebook page has been set up to start the process for a recall of Gov. Jared Polis, though he has yet to sign the bill. 

Statements of purpose, the first step before the petition filing, have been submitted to the secretary of state. They target state Sen. Jeff Bridges of Greenwood Village and Rep. Meg Froelich of Englewood. Both voted in favor of Senate Bill 42.

The measure would add Colorado to a multi-state compact that would direct Colorado's nine Electoral College votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the national popular vote.

Eleven states plus the District of Columbia, with a combined 172 Electoral College votes, have already signed onto the compact, which would go live when the compact has 270 votes, the number required to elect the president.

Another 11 states are considering legislation on the issue. However, it's unlikely that will happen before the 2020 general election. 

Some rural lawmakers and voters believe that turning over the state's Electoral College vote to whoever wins the popular vote will dilute rural votes.

According to the Secretary of State's Office, the filer on the Bridges/Froelich petitions is Matt Anthony of Englewood. He has yet to submit a hard copy of the petition; once that happens, the secretary of state has seven days to approve it. Contact information for Anthony was not made available by the Secretary of State's Office, citing departmental policy.

For Bridges, the petition will need 19,703 signatures; for Froelich, it's 9,587 signatures. Both have to be collected with 60 days of the petition's approval. Any member of the General Assembly can be recalled after the session has gone past five days.

These are "the same folks who just lost by historic margins trying to undo the will of the the people of Colorado," Bridges told Colorado Politics Tuesday. "They lost fair and square, but hope they can sneak through in a recall and somehow win when no one is looking. It won't work.

"This goes against our Colorado values, and their cynicism about our voters will be proven wrong once again. ... I'm not intimidated by bullies."

A recall is a huge waste of taxpayer money that should instead go to schools and roads, Bridges added.

Froelich said her focus "is on doing the work of House District 3. We have exciting opportunities, and that's where my focus and energy will remain.

"It's cynical," she added. "I find the work of the Legislature challenging and rewarding, and I will keep doing it." 

Recalling the governor (who has not yet signed Senate Bill 42) will take more than 631,000 signatures to get to the ballot. And he cannot be recalled until he's been in office for six months, according to the secretary of state.

There's a Facebook page already set up to discuss a recall of the governor, although it's been around since 2014 and has gone through several iterations, including an apparent effort to recall then-Gov. John Hickenlooper throughout 2017 and 2018.

A petition to require that Senate Bill 42 go to the voters in the 2020 general election was filed on Feb. 21, the same day the House gave its final approval to the bill. The petition proponents  Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Mayor Don Wilson of Monument  will have to turn in more than 124,000 signatures in order to get the measure on the ballot.

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