Homeless Denver

An unidentified man drags his belongings away during a sweep of homeless people who were living on sidewalks near Coors Fieldin Denver on Nov. 15, 2016. 

An ordinance before the Centennial City Council would ban camping on city property, including sidewalks, trails and parks, in what a city spokesperson calls a "proactive" move.

The ordinance was introduced at the council meeting on Monday via consent agenda.

It would classify the offense as "minor," subject to a maximum fine of $2,650, in addition to costs, damages and expenses.

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"We've only had three incidents that we're aware of since February of this year, so it's definitely not a huge issue at this time," Allison Wittern, communications director for the south suburban Denver city of 110,800, told Colorado Politics.

"We're trying to be proactive because it is a hot topic right now in the metro area," Wittern said.

In nearby Denver, Initiative 300, a ballot measure to allow camping on public property across Denver, was defeated by a nearly 5-1 margin in last month's city election.

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The measure would have repealed an urban camping ban that the Denver City Council adopted in 2012 in response to Occupy Denver’s encampment in Civic Center.

Nearby Boulder and Parker also have urban camping bans in place.

Wittern said the city of Centennial "currently has nothing in place for enforcement" when it comes to urban camping.

"We want to ... give our sheriff's office the opportunity to enforce, if necessary, but only on city-owned property," she said.

The council will discuss the measure on July 8, and public comment will be taken.

> You can view the ordinance here.

Colorado Politics reporter John C. Ensslin contributed.

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