Kanda Calef

Kanda Calef

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office revoked Kanda Calef’s concealed weapon permit about two weeks after the hard-line gun rights supporter was arrested.

Colorado troopers arrested Calef on April 10 on suspicion of brandishing a pistol at an off-duty U.S. marshal in the Interstate 25 “Gap” construction zone near Larkspur. The troopers confiscated her Smith & Wesson .38 Special as evidence, and Calef was released from the Douglas County Jail that day on $2,500 bail.

Calef has declined to comment; her attorney maintains she is innocent.

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“The (permit) suspension will remain in effect until a final resolution has been reached,” reports sheriff’s spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby.

But if Calef is convicted of the felony charge, she would be barred from owning any firearm.

“If the charges are dropped, she can appeal the suspension and the decision to reinstate the (permit) would be up to the Sheriff,” Kirby said by email. “If she is found guilty of a Misdemeanor, we would review all the case information and the Sheriff would have the authority to reinstate or uphold the suspension.”

It was not clear whether Calef’s revolver was returned to her or whether conditions of her bond allow her to possess firearms.

Calef opposed the controversial red-flag bill that the Legislature passed and Gov. Jared Polis signed this year. It allows a judge to order the seizure of guns from a person whom evidence proves poses a threat to himself or others.

Calef highlighted her opposition during her 2018 primary bid for the House 14 seat, which she lost to Rep. Shane Sandridge, R-Colorado Springs.

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