Colorado Senate

The Colorado Senate delayed work on a major oil and gas bill, as well as the death penalty, on Monday. Both are scheduled to be heard Tuesday. (Photo by Joey Bunch/Colorado Politics)

The Colorado Senate on Monday postponed action on the hotly debated oil-and-gas regulation bill for at least one day.

The House on Friday passed Senate Bill 181, but added a number of Democratic amendments, send the measure back to the Senate for review of the changes. The Senate passed the bill two weeks earlier.

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The upper chamber could accept those amendments, or it could vote to appoint a conference committee to meet with House negotiators.

The bicameral conference committee would forge a single version of the bill both chambers would vote on before the session ends on May 3.

Either way, Democrats have the votes in each chamber to deliver the legislation to Gov. Jared Polis, who has signaled he intends to sign it.

The legislation gives local governments more authority in deciding where oil-and-gas operations locate in proximity of homes, schools and business.

It also calls for more air quality emissions testing, and instructs state regulators to make public health and the environment higher priorities than fostering the industry.

Industry advocates argue the bill puts thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity and tax revenue as risk.

Entering the last month of the 16-week legislative session, the calendar is getting crowded. The Senate on Monday also postponed debate on a repeal of the death penalty.

Both are scheduled for Tuesday.

The House and Senate are also working on the state budget this week, as well as a bypass on the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, marijuana delivery services, major criminal justice reforms and a state climate change action plan.

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