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Senate Minority Whip Ray Scott, R-Grand Junction, talks with Senate Minority Leader Chris Holbert, R-Parker, right, on April 30 at the state Capitol. (Andy Colwell for Colorado Politics.)

Colorado state Sen. Ray Scott says he plans to run for an open seat on the Mesa County Commission next year.

Scott will be term-limited in the state Senate in 2022. He won a second term easily last year. The Republican from Grand Junction previously serving two terms in the state House.

Scott said he is seeking the District 1 seat "after much deliberation and thoughtful consideration of what is best for Mesa County."

The seat is currently held by John Justman, who is term-limited.

"The American Dream is being attacked at the local level now more than ever," Scott continued in a statement announcing his candidacy. "I appreciate all of you who reached out and encouraged me to consider fighting for you here at home."

Scott was the Senate's assistant majority leader before Democrats won the majority in the chamber last year. He current serves as the minority whip.

His 11 years in the legislature have provided him valuable lessons on infrastructure, energy development, education "and thousands of issues that directly impact Mesa County and most importantly you and your family," Scott said.

"I heard my constituents loud and clear, they want solid leadership with no surprises, everyone knows how I will vote and where I stand," he said. "Standing up for working families is what I do, you are in charge of your American Dream, not the government."

So far, two other candidates are in the race, Republicans Cody Davis of Grand Junction and Michael Day of Fruita.

The Mesa County Commission has three seats. District 1 represents the western side of the county. Commissioner Rose Pugliese also is term-limited. Former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis won a second term on the County Commission last year.

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