Polis and Gia

Gov. Jared Polis holds First Dog Gia during his chat with Aaron Harber for a program that will air statewide on Sunday.

On Tuesday, Gov. Jared Polis on his personal Twitter account appeared to take a dig at the states of Nebraska and South Dakota for their recent eyebrow-raising advertising slogans.

“Our nearby states have set a bizarre low bar with their outreach mottos. South Dakota has launched a ‘Meth-we’re on it’ (anti?) drug campaign, and Nebraska has launched a ‘Nebraska: Honestly, it’s not for everyone’ toursim(?) campaign,” Polis wrote, adding, “What should Colorado’s response be?”

South Dakota, whose methamphetamine usage among younger residents is above the national average, recently spent $449,000 on a marketing campaign to get residents talking about the extent of the problem.

However, the slogan they chose — and trademarked — seemed to advertise that South Dakota was “on meth,” rather than “on the problem.”

In Nebraska, the state has since said that the “it’s not for everyone” tagline was a success at attracting visitors one year after its debut.

"In tourism you want to be truthful with what you're doing when you're out there. You don't want to say something that you're not,” said Grand Island Tourism executive director Brad Mellema.

As to Polis’s query about Colorado’s response, several Twitter users delivered slogans that played on Colorado’s positive reputation.

“Colorado: Basically Utah But Way More Chill,” wrote @CoTexican.

"Colorado: Yeah, it's better here, and it's gone to our heads,” added @dixomatic.

“Colorado: the finest rectangle in the nation,” said @voteforgrant.

The state, however, actually has 697 sides, a trapezoid-like hexahectaenneacontakaiheptagon.

Polis’s former colleague in Congress, U.S. Rep. @jahimes of Connecticut, referenced Polis in saying:

“Colorado: Our Governor is a Trekkie.”

However, there were numerous contributions from people unhappy with the current state of affairs in Colorado.

“Colorado: Stop Moving Here,” said @mac10colorado.

“Colorado: Come for the traffic, stay for the traffic, you can never leave because you'll be stuck in traffic,” wrote @MattHolohan.

“Colorado: Where we won’t raise taxes but complain about infrastructure,” said @jnspires, referring to the recent defeat of a statewide ballot initiative to provide money for roads and schools.

To these tweets, @alfarosalvador had a succinct response:

“Colorado. Our worst critics prefer to stay.”

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