Pipefitters don’t procrastinate. Nearly 18 months from Election Day, Local 208 in Denver, a politically prominent trade union, is throwing its support behind Ed Perlmutter for governor.

Though endorsements will fall like February snow soon enough — and no way can or will Colorado Politics report on most of them — this nod is significant for a Democratic field, coming from a 1,700 member labor group known for turning out its unionists and their families, as well as attracting other labor attention to Perlmutter’s candidacy.

As far as I can tell, Local 208 is the first Colorado labor union to endorse any gubernatorial candidate for the 2018 race. If history serves, Republicans need not apply. If Donald Trump made inroads with working-class voters last year, however, that could take a different direction in 2018. Or not.

The field of viable Democrats so far includes former state Sen. Michael Johnston, former state Treasurer Cary Kennedy and civic leader Noel Ginsburg. More could join the fray, but the pipefitters are on record with Perlmutter now.

“Throughout his career, Ed Perlmutter has always stood up for working men and women in the pipe trades, fought for quality construction standards, advanced policies that support quality workforce development through bona fide apprenticeship programs and fought for the rights of working families to have a voice on the job,” said Gary Arnold, the business manager of Pipefitters Local 208, in a statement.

“We are excited to engage our members and their families to support Ed in the 2018 primary and general election.”

Perlmutter noted the local’s 115-year history in Denver and said he was honored to have its support.

“And I look forward to continuing to fight for hardworking families all across Colorado,” Perlmutter in a press release about the endorsement.

His campaign pointed to his record of support for apprenticeships, on-the-job training, raising the minimum wage and building up the state’s infrastructure, as well as workplace safety and paid sick leave.

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