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In the midst of a heated discussion on a gun store’s Facebook page, a local Republican Party leader in Parker sent a message to another user saying he “[had] your exact location” and “Patriots are on the way.”

At the beginning of last week, DCF Guns in Castle Rock posted on its Facebook page a screenshot of a post from Carol Funk, whom the store identified as being the manager of a King Soopers in Douglas County. The post showed an image from a July 19 pro-police rally in Civic Center Park. Counter-protesters showed up in greater numbers to disrupt the rally and there were physical confrontations between members of the two groups.

“Boo hoo hoo poor Karen’s [sic] and trumpsters No party for the pigs today,” Funk wrote. The use of the term “pigs” apparently outraged the store.

“We stand with the blue 100%. How do you let someone like this run amuck in our community?” DCF Guns wrote. “We denounce this woman but we are all ears if you have a different perspective.” The store also posted 10 photos of Funk’s face, gleaned from her Facebook profile.

Quickly, commenters revealed which King Soopers store was Funk’s workplace and said they would begin calling.

“Let her bosses know. This is unacceptable!” wrote one person.

“Look at her whining about people calling her place of employment. ‘They're harassing me! I have First Amendment rights!’ ” commented another. "You do. As does everyone else including those who don't agree with you. I don't feel sorry for you one bit, this is the kind of crap that you and your ilk have been doing for years.”

King Soopers replied to the post through its official account to say that it “strives to reflect ... diversity in everything that we do. We generally do not comment on employee matters, but we have shared this with our division leadership team, so they can remind our associates of our Core Values which includes Integrity, Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

A minority of commenters expressed concern that the doxing of Funk was improper. Tiffanie Gorman, a friend of Funk’s, defended her and told the store to “get over yourselves.”

“I’m tired of the torch and pitchfork mentality of this town. People need to be kinder to other people and have some respect, both ways,” she wrote.

Among the many replies to her statement was one from Mark Hall, who is listed on the Parker Republicans' website as one of the group’s leaders, and an organizer of its monthly breakfast.

“We are forming a protest against the store and Carol and Tiffanie Gorman and see how they feel about being protested against ‘peacefully,’ ” Hall wrote on the Facebook page. Then, to Gorman, he sent another message directly to her inbox.

“Have your exact location thanks to your information. And Carol too. Patriots are on the way,” he said.

Hall, who is also listed as a candidate this year for the Parker town council, did not respond to multiple attempts seeking comment, and the Douglas County GOP chair did not reply to an email. Gorman perceived his message as a threat.

“When Mr. Hall stated that he knows my location and that the patriots are coming, it felt very threatening and I became concerned as to whether or not I should worry for my safety,” she told Colorado Politics. “A true patriot would not bully or try to inflict terror and fear in another person.” 

Funk, who did not participate in the gun store’s comment thread, had no idea why DCF Guns singled her out. She did not regret using the phrase “no party for the pigs,” pointing out that it was the name of the Facebook event for the counterprotest — albeit one that described the pro-police rally as being attended by “ignorant, racist Coloradans.”

“I haven’t done anything wrong,” she said. “I wasn’t threatening anybody. I wasn’t doing anything like that. I’m executing my First Amendment rights on protesting racism, police brutality, and I’m standing up for justice for Elijah McClain.” McClain was a Black man who died following an encounter with Aurora police in August 2019.

Funk added that she only regretted keeping her Facebook profile public. “That was a bad mistake to do that,” she said.

No one, she said, has come into her King Soopers store, where she is a department manager, to complain. But the online thread has made her more wary.

“I changed the lights on the front of my house, got some brighter lights out there,” she said. “I’m aware of my surroundings when I go out. I had some window paint on my car when I was protesting that said ‘Justice for Elijah.’ I took that window paint off my car, so it’s not identifiable.”

DCF Guns said it forwarded an inquiry about its post to the appropriate department. Funk said she plans to make a police report.

As of Tuesday, Hall's profile had disappeared publicly from Facebook.

This story has been updated to mention that Hall is also a candidate for Parker town council.

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