Now Cynthia Coffman sounds like a red-meat Republican


The Colorado Democratic Party seemed all too pleased to give Republican gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Coffman a boost with the opposing party’s conservative base Thursday. Democrats alerted reporters to her comments at a Colorado Hispanic Republicans forum Wednesday night.

Red-meat conservatives, who are likely to support Tom Tancredo anyway, have been none too happy with the attorney general lately. She stood with the state Civil Rights Commission against the Lakewood baker who refused to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple, a decision pending before the U.S. Supreme Court. She’s still hasn’t been clear at all about where she stands on abortion, she’s an advocate for LGBTQ rights and in a New York Times column a couple of weeks ago she said her campaign could get a spark from women disappointed they didn’t elect a president last year.

Conservative talk radio hasn’t been kind, either.

But Wednesday night when the subject of immigration policy and sanctuary cities came up, Coffman hit on to the fences for the base. And she name-dropped Donald Trump like she’s Omarosa.

“If I sound frustrated, imagine how President Trump feels every night when he lays his head down on his pillow and waits for Congress to do something about immigration reform,” Coffman said at the 1:24 mark of a video posted on Colorado Hispanic Republicans’ Facebook page.

The liberal website ColoradoPols was the first to flag the Trump comment.

Coffman’s hot take was set up perfectly by former Parker Mayor Greg Lopez.

“California has already voted to become a sanctuary state,” Lopez said. “And we do not want to follow their lead.”

So Coffman teed off with supposition about the man who wasn’t there, congressman Jared Polis, the presumed, at least on the right, front-runner to be the Democratic nominee.

“I have not heard Jared Polis say this, but it would not surprise me if he wants to see Colorado become a sanctuary state, because it fits hois liberal agenda, doesn’t it?” she asked the GOP crowd.

So the state Democratic Party couldn’t let Coffman slide, even though she’s not exactly leading the pack on the Republican side in fundraising or campaign structure.

Spokesman Eric Walker sent an email to the state’s political press Wednesday afternoon:

That’s right. Cynthia Coffman is so far on the extreme right fringe, she actually thinks we should feel bad for Donald Trump.

Not the families who are being ripped apart.

Not the children who are being deported from the only home they’ve ever known.

Not folks from El Salvador and Haiti who made refuge in the U.S. after their homes were destroyed by natural disasters.

No. In Cynthia Coffman’s mind, we should primarily be concerned with the feelings of Donald “Shithole Countries” Trump.

This might give Coffman even more of a bounce with conservative voters she’s lost contact with.

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