Michal Rosenoer

Michal Rosenoer

Michal Rosenoer is moving on from Emerge Colorado to Hipcamp, the online outdoor recreation marketplace, as its government affairs manager starting next month.

Emerge has trained dozens of Democratic women who have become some of Colorado's top current policymakers. The Board of Directors will begin looking for Rosenoer's replacement as executive director.

Rosenoer went to work for Emerge, a national organization, in 2018 after working as a field manager for Conservation Colorado, the state's largest environmental organization. She also graduated from Emerge Colorado in June 2017.

Rosenoer also is a sitting Edgewater City Council member. 

“Working at Emerge Colorado was my dream job," Rosenoer said in a statement Monday. "After three years as the Executive Director it’s time to turn over the reins to new leadership, and I look forward to supporting them as they continue to strive for better representation for women in politics across Colorado.

"Emerge Colorado has played a crucial role in changing the face of politics in this state over the last few years, and I am grateful to have been part of it. Since I joined the staff in 2018, Emerge graduates flipped the state Senate blue, ushered in a Democratic trifecta, helped Colorado become one of the best states in the country for women’s representation at the Capitol and have broken over 20 glass ceilings for women in office. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished for women in this state, and I know it won’t stop here.”

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