Exhaust smoke and air pollution greenhouse gas

Two coalitions of local governments in Colorado are advocating for a new Air Quality Control Commission regulation for the reporting and monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions.

The regulation, Number 22, is a result of legislation passed in 2019 to require the commission to adopt rules by June 1. The AQCC proposed to require emissions reporting for industrial solid waste landfills and wastewater treatment facilities, distribution companies for natural gas, underground coal mines, and importers or exporters of liquid fossil fuels.

Colorado Communities for Climate Action and the Local Government Coalition, which represent municipalities and local health agencies, would like the rule to include liquid fuel suppliers, but they support the overall plan for inventory of greenhouse gas emissions.

The rule also phases out hydrofluorocarbons, a chemical used for refrigeration and cooling. HFCs are a source of greenhouse gas emissions and are growing by an estimated 10-15% annually. Rule 22 envisions that they be eliminated in aerosols and foams by Jan 1., 2021, from refrigeration between 2021 and 2023, and from air conditioning on Jan. 1, 2024.

The two local government groups believe that delaying the phase-out of HFC would mean “significant unnecessary carbon pollution.” The hearing before the AQCC on Rule 22 began earlier this week.

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