Colorado Politics is going deep into the analysis of the major issues facing lawmakers and Gov. Jared Polis before the four-month legislative session gavels in on Jan. 8. Check back for more links to these topics and even more legislative coverage:

DEC. 11

• ROADS TO NOWHERE: With the defeat of Proposition CC, where does the state go next to fund necessary transportation? Joey Bunch breaks it down.

FAMLI MATTERS: Marianne Goodland reports that the final analysis of the proposed family and medical leave program that awaits legislators shows even bigger costs than what was cited. 

DEC. 18

CRITICAL CARE: A legislative fight looms over Polis' promise to cut health care costs. Joey Bunch looks at the options and the outlook. 

DEC. 21

• THE RETURN OF CAPITOL M: Marianne Goodland's legislative column takes a lighter look at the issues at Gold Dome High. 

DEC. 24

• WHERE OIL AND GAS GOES NEXT: Joey Bunch and Marianne Goodland examine green-minded Democrats' aims on oil and gas and the differences made by regulations.

DEC. 26

CRIMINAL JUSTICE TRANSFORMATIONAlayna Alvarez shines a light on efforts to reduce the strain on the state's nearly $1 billion budget for prisons, while delivering a shift in social justice.

DEC. 27

• MISSING PIECES IN MENTAL HEALTH CAREErnest Luning examines the state of play for mental health care, as behavioral health advocates look to close gaps in coverage and address issues one lawmaker calls the missing pieces in the puzzle during the General Assembly's 2020 session.

DEC. 28

• CAPITOL M: Marianne Goodland remembers those we lost in 2019.

DEC. 30 

• INSIGHTS: Joey Bunch predicts what *won't* happen in 2020.

• CAN COLORADO AFFORD POLIS? It was kind of a spending spree for the governor's initiatives in the 2019 session, but now the bills are coming due. Marianne Goodland and Joey Bunch tally up the numbers.

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