They might serve caviar at some parties or red-meat politics at another. But that’s not Clarice Navarro’s party. The state representative from Pueblo, an ally and adviser to Donald Trump, is making sure the Pueblo Chile is on the menu.

Navarro is on the host committee for the Latino Inaugural 2017 Gala in Washington, D.C., next week. About 600 guests will be able to nosh on the regionally famous Pueblo Chile during the black-tie event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel near the Capitol.

“I’m so proud of what the Pueblo Chile Growers Association has accomplished, and I’m even more proud of what they are working toward,” Navarro said. “The ability to showcase the Pueblo Chile at such a historic event is really a dream come true for me, and having a taste of ‘home’ available for people around the nation makes me beam with a sense of pride.

“I love all that southern Colorado has to offer, and the Pueblo Chile is a part of that.”

The Pueblo Chile is a pretty big deal to those in southern Colorado, grown on Pueblo’s Saint Charles Mesa, east of town.

“Eaten throughout the year by many with practically every meal, chile is one of Pueblo’s staples. It can be found everywhere — in our Mexican, Italian, Chinese or American restaurants, as well as in thousands of people’s freezers, to be used in anything that needs a little ‘kick,’ ” the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce said. “Locals use the roasted chilies on eggs, on cold salami and capicola sandwiches, on hamburgers, on pasta, and, of course, in salsa and green chile.”

Dominic DiSanti, president of the Pueblo Chile Growers Association, said the members are excited to be on showcase in Washinton.

“These peppers have become a staple ingredient in countless homes and restaurants in Colorado. Pueblo Chiles have a robust flavor and uniqueness to them that is only rivaled by our hometown,” he said in a statement. “We greatly appreciate State Rep. Navarro’s thoughtfulness to include Pueblo Chiles in the gala menu and share a part of Pueblo’s culture at a national event.”

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