Greeley, Colorado City Limit

A sign at the city limits of Greeley.

The breakup of The Beatles. A gallon of gasoline for 36 cents. The celebration of the first Earth Day.

What do those things have in common? They all happened in 1970, the same year that the city of Greeley buried a time capsule in Lincoln Park to celebrate its centennial.

Now 50 years later, Greeley plans to unveil select artifacts from that capsule, as well as additional items from one created in 1967. The city described the contents from a previous generation of Greeley residents as reflecting “who they were and what their lives were like.”

The unveiling will occur on Oct. 22 from noon to 1 p.m. as part of the History Brown Bag series. People may watch the event online. In 2021, the Greeley History Museum will open a display with items from both capsules.

The city clarified that the 1967 capsule originally sat in the Civic Center Complex building, which was demolished in 2015 for a DoubleTree Hotel. The museum has since had custody of the capsule.

Officially, the city’s 150th anniversary since incorporation was on April 6. Greeley’s founder, Nathan Meeker, named the city after his newspaper editor in New York City, Horace Greeley. (It was Greeley who popularized the phrase “Go West, young man.”)

Meeker founded the Greeley Tribune shortly after incorporation, and the newspaper is the longest continuously-running business in Greeley.

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