Trish Zornio

Trish Zornio speaks at a forum for Democratic U.S. Senate candidates on Latinx issues on Sunday, Jan. 26, 2019.

If Donald Trump showed us anything, it's that you can do a lot of campaigning (and governing) with your thumbs. Twitter, however, clearly isn't for all of Colorado's top politicians.

Leave it to a baseball man to scan the field and pick some winners. 

Drew Eayn Creasman, and editor and beat writer on the sports website DNVR Rockies, tweeted out the top four with the most followers the other day after he counted up the followers of a bunch of elected officials, he said.

He tweeted, "A New Challenger Approaches!" in reference to No. 4, University of Colorado scientist Trish Zornio, who has more than 106,200 followers. That's like, incumbent member of Congress strong.

On a technicality, the baseball man takes a walk on missing Gov. Jared Polis. Yes, the official governor's official account has just 34,100 or so followers, but his personal account has more than 77,500 for a total that would bump Zornio back to fifth. Polis seems to use them interchangeably.

But, hey, Zornio ain't the governor. Yet.

Colorado Politics did the counting and came up with this. (The legislature has 100 members, and that would take all night, so tough luck.)

Most followed Colorado politicos

Other Congressional members

Other Senate candidates

City of Denver

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