Election Preview 2018 | Key dates before and after the election


When it comes to elections, most calendars only have one day marked: Election Day, Nov. 6. But Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams has a few more dates marked on his — 11 pages of dates, to be exact.

Here’s a summary:

Monday, Oct. 15: First day that ballots can be mailed to most voters. Last day to apply to register to vote via a voter registration drive.

Friday, Oct. 19: Last day ballots can be mailed to most voters.

Oct. 22 – Nov. 6: Period a minimum number of voter service and polling centers are to be open statewide (except Sundays).

Monday, Oct. 22: Last day for major political parties to appoint members to the Canvass Board. First day of ballot counting, though results must not be disclosed until after 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Monday, Oct. 29: Last day for voters to turn in registration applications and still receive a ballot via mail. After this date, newly registered voters must visit a voter service and polling center to request a ballot.

Nov. 3 – 6: Counties with more than 25,000 active electors must provide stand-alone drop-off locations during this period.

Tuesday, Nov. 6: Election Day. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. County clerks must receive all ballots by 7 p.m. Military and overseas voters have until 7 p.m. MT to send their ballots.

Thursday, Nov. 8: County clerks must send letters regarding missing signatures, signature verifications, missing IDs and wrong envelopes by this day.

Wednesday, Nov. 14: For military and overseas ballots to be counted, they must be received by this day. Also, last day for voters to cure signature discrepancies or missing signatures or to provide missing ID.

Thursday, Nov. 15: Last day for counties to finish vote tabulations. A summary report must be submitted to the secretary of state’s office by this day.

Thursday, Nov. 29: Last day for a political subdivision that referred a failed ballot issue or question to waive an automatic recount.

Monday, Dec. 3: Last day for the secretary of state to compile and total returns and order recounts, if needed.

Tuesday, Dec. 4: Last day an interested party can request a recount at their own expense.

Tuesday, Dec. 11: Last day to complete a statutory recount of any race.

Thursday, Dec. 13: Last day to complete a recount requested by an interested party.

Friday, Jan. 4: State legislators sworn in.

Tuesday, Jan. 8: Governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state treasurer and attorney general sworn in.

COMING TO COLORADO POLITICS: Our Election Preview special report will appear in our Oct. 12 print edition, with stories appearing online now through Oct. 16, exclusively for paid CoPo subscribers.

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