Election Vote Buttons 2020

Employees at the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office noticed a printing error on 1,044 ballots to unaffiliated voters, Clerk Chuck Broerman announced on Wednesday.

On the return envelopes, the voters’ names, addresses, and barcodes are accurate. However, under a block of text that reads “This ballot packet prepared for”, the voters' names are incorrect.

Broerman explained that the mistake on the return envelope will not alter or void their ballot.

“The ‘ballot packet prepared for’ section is not a legal requirement. It is used as a courtesy to prevent voters from using an incorrect return envelope,” he said. “I can assure you, your ballot is not affected and will be processed.”

The vendor has sent replacement return envelopes to the voters with a statement explaining the error. Voters can use the new envelope or cross out the misprint on their current envelope. The clerk’s office said that there will be no counting issue for voters who already returned ballots in the misprinted envelope.

The office sent out 391,000 ballots for Colorado’s March 3 presidential primary election this week. The ballots with errors were one-quarter of one percent of the total.

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