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The Douglas County Library Board of Trustees has renamed the James H. LaRue Library, citing a policy that forbids styling buildings after people.

LaRue was the library system’s director for 24 years. When he retired in 2014, the board named the Highlands Ranch branch after him. (The location is now known as the “Highlands Ranch” library.)

As The Denver Channel reported, the board’s president, Sean Duffy, said that it is time to abide by protocol.

"We have a policy that libraries should be named geographically," Duffy said.

The Douglas County library system has seven locations. On the library website, the name “Philip S. Miller” can be seen in a photograph of the Castle Rock location, affixed above the entrance. Miller was an early political and business leader in the town’s history.

In the school district, only Daniel C. Oakes High School in Castle Rock appears to be named for a person.

LaRue, who said he founded a library club in seventh grade, was “astonished” when the board originally put his name on the building.

"It’s one thing to be honored. It’s something else to have the honor removed without being told why that’s happening. So I’m a little confused," he told The Denver Channel.

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This is sad and just seems wrong.. We have a memorial park named after someone but now a library can't be named after someone. Why the inconsistency? Politics and clicks.

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