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The main terminal at Denver International Airport is undergoing a major renovation.

The contractor overseeing Denver International Airport’s terminal renovation project calculated that $166.7 million in their costs were due to change orders from airport management.

The Denver Post reviewed monetary claims from Great Hall Partners before DIA fired them from the project this summer. Bathroom fixtures and kiosk placements were among the many revisions DIA asked for.

“Had the owner put more foresight into the design it ultimately wanted or if the owner had been actively engaged in the change process, the impacts from the change directives may have been different,” read one of the claims disclosed by The Post.

A DIA vice president told The Post that the contractor must have thought that input from the airport would cease during the project, which was not the case.

The airport hopes to keep the entire cost of the project under $770 million, even if it means narrowing the scope of the renovation. Relocating the security screening areas as well as the airline check-in areas were the big goals of the project.

DIA has doubled the number of people hired to work on the renovation going forward, and a new budget and completion date are forthcoming next year. It will have to pay Great Hall Partners between $170 million and $210 million for canceling their contract, The Post reports.

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