Denver Election May 7, 2019

An election judge, left, leads a voter to a machine to cast a ballot at the Denver Elections Division Tuesday, May 7, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Denver voters are deciding five races for seats on the City Council in the runoff election that ends Tuesday.

Two of those seats are open. In the other three races, incumbents face challengers.

The other eight of the council's 13 seats were filled in Denver's May 7 general election election night, but five seats representing various parts of the city are at play in the runoff. (If you don't live in one of those five districts, you won't see a council  race on your ballot.)

Here's CoPo's look at each of the five council races in the runoff:

In the race in northwest Denver's District 1 — an open seat after Councilman Rafael Espinoza ended his bid for re-election last December — Amanda Sandoval enjoyed a wide lead in a field of seven candidates with 31.2% of the vote in the May 7 election, but fell well short of the 50% level needed to skip the runoff. She now faces Mike Somma, who scored 17%.

West Denver's District 3 also is an open race, with current Councilman Paul López exiting to run for clerk and recorder. Jamie Torres (with 40.2% in the May 7 election) now faces Veronica Barela (36.3%); two other candidates were eliminated.

In east Denver's District 5, challenger Amanda Sawyer (40.7% on May 7) outpolled Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman (35.9%) in a four-way race in the general; they're meeting again in the runoff.

In central and northeast Denver's District 9, incumbent Albus Brooks (44.8% on May 7) faces challenger Candi CdeBaca (43.1%) on June 4; two challengers were eliminated.

And in District 10, also in central Denver, Councilman Wayne New (39%) now contends with challenger Chris Hinds (30.3%) in the runoff following a four-way race May 7.

After the polls close Tuesday, check with for Denver election results.






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