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A Denver Police officer was fired for sexually harassing an intern during a ride-along.

The department fired Jeremy Ownbey in March for comments he made in July 2018 to the intern, who was not named.

Police say Ownbey made "pervasive, graphic, (and) sexually oriented" comments to the intern, who did not immediately complain because she feared jeopardizing her chances of joining the department.

Authorities say Ownbey told investigators some of his comments were sexual and "completely inappropriate," but the intern acting like "one of the guys" led to his "mistakes."

Police say Ownbey was suspended for three months after a 2014 fight involving a Denver police detective and their wives that drew national attention when police investigated whether the couples were swingers.

Separately, the Denver Department of Public Safety says it has suspended another police officer for 10 days after he accessed a police database for personal reasons and left work early to go to a strip club.

A department disciplinary letter indicates that Officer Shederick Dobbin ran a woman's name twice through the National Crime Information Center database in July 2018.

Dobbin told investigators that he looked up her name to see if she had any warrants.

According to the letter, he told investigators that the searches were not part of a criminal investigation. Officers are not allowed to use the database for any reason outside of work.

Dobbin was suspended for four days last year for using the database to share investigative information.

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