This Wildland Team has been working on structure protection and putting out hot spots near structures, among other assignments on the wildfire. Photo courtesy South Metro Fire and Rescue’s Brush Engine 41’s crew deployed on the Pine Gulch fire.

Inter Neighborhood Cooperation, the coalition of Denver’s registered neighborhood organizations, will bring forth a resolution at its Sept. 12 delegate meeting in support of a measure on the November ballot to address climate change through a tax increase.

“These funds will be dedicated to programs and policies that support job creation, increased access to solar power, battery storage and other renewable energy technology, upgraded energy efficiency on homes and buildings to reduce utility bills and air pollution, and programs that will support vulnerable communities adapt to a changing climate,” the resolution reads in part.

Measure 2A will ask city voters to raise the sales and use tax by 0.25% to generate approximately $40 million annually. The money would go toward renewable energy, reductions in fossil fuel consumption, and improvements to air and water quality. The city will set aside half of the income for underserved communities.

The Denver City Council referred the proposal to the ballot in August by a vote of 11-1. Councilman Kevin Flynn, who voted no, believed a sales tax rise would be regressive, and that during a pandemic and economic recession “we’re asking too much from our voters right now.”

In its resolution, INC acknowledged the hardship argument, while countering that “[d]espite the many financial challenges facing everyone in our country that are compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, we must take bold action with this small tax increase to help us build back better now in order to keep from paying a monumental price in the future.”

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