Colorado Politics Denver election coverage

The election to decide who will be Denver's next mayor ends Tuesday.

Voters also are filling the open clerk and recorder position, deciding who will serve on the city council, and considering a pair of hot-button ballot measures: One to repeal the city's urban camping ban; the other to decriminalize psilocin mushrooms.

Here are key stories in Colorado Politics' coverage of the run-up to the election, most of them by CoPo Denver reporter John C. Ensslin.

Check back with Thursday night and Wednesday for election results.


> COVER STORY | Meet Denver's next mayor: The candidates charge into a pivotal election

> COVER STORY | Meet Michael Hancock, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Jamie Giellis, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Penfield Tate III, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Lisa Calderón, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> COVER STORY | Meet Kalyn Rose Heffernan, candidate for Denver mayor (AUDIO)

> ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL | Michael Hancock, candidate for mayor

> ON THE DENVER CAMPAIGN TRAIL | Jamie Giellis, candidate for mayor

> ON THE DENVER CAMPAIGN TRAIL | Penfield Tate III, candidate for mayor

> ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL | Lisa Calderón, candidate for mayor

> 9News/CoPo debate: Denver mayoral hopefuls differ on growth, development and 'how much is too much?" (VIDEO)

> Denver mayoral candidates debate growth, development

> Denver mayoral candidates take on one another ahead of ballot mail-out

> Denver mayoral candidate Giellis missed voting in 10 city elections since 2006

> Democratic presidential hopeful Buttigieg endorses Hancock in Denver mayoral race

> Mailer from 'Republicans for Jamie Giellis' did not state her mayoral campaign paid for it (VIDEO)

> Hancock tops fundraising in Denver mayor's race with $1.5 million

> Denver Mayor Hancock's 1st campaign ad features homelessness (VIDEO)

> TRUTH TEST: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock debuts first political ad (VIDEO)

> 6 candidates make ballot in Denver mayoral race

> Denver mayor candidate wants delay on Denveright plan

INITIATIVE 300: Camping-ban repeal

> COVER STORY | Debate over Denver's streets: As homelessness grips the city, voters ponder scrapping camping ban

> COVER STORY 2 | Occupy Denver fights camping ban with protests, boycotts

> Opponents raise $1.5M to defeat Denver's camping-ban repeal

> NEIL WESTERGAARD | Pro 300 tactics in Denver are pure political thuggery

> NEIL WESTERGAARD | Denver's Initiative 300 says 'we give up' trying to help the homeless

INITIATIVE 301: Magic mushroom decriminalization

> COVER STORY | Magic mushrooms in Denver: Medicine or mayhem?


> Denver at-large council candidates debate development, gentrification


> Voter turnout, registration debated in race for Denver clerk and recorder


> Candidates, start your engines: Denver ballots head to a mailbox near you

>WATCH: A refresher on Denver ballot measures on camping, mushrooms




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