Denver International Airport - DIA

Denver International Airport.

Denver Auditor Timothy O’Brien concluded that Denver International Airport officials have made progress overseeing the approximately $187 million-per-year parking system, but “still have work to do.”

“Airport management is working harder to improve revenue and contract management. However, most of our recommendations for parking revenue are still not implemented, and I want to see the risks we identified fully mitigated,” O’Brien said in a statement.

Audits from 2018 found that DIA did not provide adequate oversight of five off-airport parking agreements, kept inadequate records of ground transportation transactions, and failed to verify self-reported information from Uber and Lyft.

Parking represented 25% of airport revenue in 2016.

O’Brien made 26 recommendations. A Nov. 9 follow-up report indicates that 12 are fully implemented.

The improvements in place include new procedures to verify that ride-sharing companies are paying their fees and the collection of 32 unremitted parking payments.

However, the airport did not collect — and is not currently collecting — interest payments on those  parking tickets.

Nor is a new parking monitoring system ready for deployment. They system will be able to ensure that employees park in their assigned lots. Another problem surfaced with restricting parking access to current employees.

“Due to these gaps, several former employees continued to have access in the employee parking system even though they had left employment with the airport,” the follow-up report reads.

A separate follow-up report found that DIA implemented all of the auditor’s recommendations for managing its oil and gas wells. The airport as of now has ceased all production.

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