Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora

The distinctive “golf ball” domes at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora are seen as the sun rises.

U.S. Reps. Jason Crow and Doug Lamborn are co-sponsors on a bill pertaining to water scarcity on the country’s military bases.

The DOD Water Assessment and Testing Enhanced Reporting Act, would require the Pentagon to report to Congress about the method used to evaluate water scarcity at military installations. It would mandate a decennial water scarcity assessment that accounts for all sources of water, estimates future water availability and precisely indicates all water locations.

“Out west, we know how important it is to manage our water prudently,” Lamborn said. “The Colorado Springs community and our five local military installations have a wonderful and mutually supportive relationship, including cooperation on water resource management. This bill will update how we evaluate and address water scarcity issues around defense installations, moving towards a more uniformed approach from the Department.”

Crow introduced a second bill, titled the Guaranteeing Resilient Installations for Defense Act, would create a two-year pilot program at select military facilities to mitigate electrical grid vulnerabilities and report on the results. A report earlier this year from The RAND Corporation noted that the U.S. Department of Defense largely relies on commercial suppliers for electricity, and suggested steps to address security risks.

“Although the power grid has long been susceptible to natural disasters, deliberate attacks, and the problems of aging infrastructure, its vulnerability to attacks is increasing,” the report warned.

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