Leadville homes

Victorian houses in Leadville date to Leadville's heyday as a major silver mining center and are enjoying a rebirth in this millennium as a destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The median home prices in the town, however, is 36% lower than Aurora. according to Best Places' 2021 Cost of Living Calculator.

A report the Common Sense Institute forecasts to be one of the " one of the most important and impactful studies" in the business think tank's 11-year history will be released Friday.

"Conflict to Compassion: Colorado Housing Development Blueprint For Transformational Change"  addresses the housing affordability crisis that  the institute fears is reaching a breaking point in markets across Colorado, noting that May saw a record-low number of home listings — 2,075 compared to the monthly average of 15,563.

The problem isn't new, researchers noted.

The average number of new homes built annually within the state since the easy-mortgage-driven 2008 economic crisis is 46% lower than the annual average in the eight years before that.

"Despite housing being a foundational human need, the cost burden of housing has threatened too many Coloradans’ way of life," the Common Sense Institute said Wednesday.

"We need transformational changes that can bridge the divide we have in our communities that has led to a broken housing development value chain. The conclusions of this report offer practical solutions to break us from the status quo. While they require bold action from our state’s housing leaders both in the public and private sectors, the time to act is now."

The authors of the report are this year's Terry J. Stevinson Fellows, Evelyn Lim and Peter LiFari. They  spoke with housing experts across Colorado in more than 40 discussions on the issue, in addition to crunching data.

The report will be addressed during the institute's Eggs & The Economy breakfast Friday at 7:30 a.m.

Register to attend in person or via Zoom by clicking here.

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