Redistricting measures pass Senate unanimously, map to the ballot seems clear


Here are highlights of this week's Colorado Politics coverage of the state legislature and the Polis administration.

> COPO INTERVIEW | Jared Polis on Colorado's challenges and his 'exciting' new job

> Bill to reshape Colorado oil and gas regulations is coming soon, say Democrats

> Referendum seeks to push Colorado's 'national popular vote' bill to the statewide ballot

> Colorado Legislature OK's changes to presidential electors

> Colorado lawmakers put off bill on safe drug injection sites

> House committee advances Colorado 'red flag' gun bill after 1st hearing (VIDEO)

> Colorado House clears sex-education bill; on to Senate

> As sex-ed bill heads to Colorado Senate, opponents gear up for round two

> Colorado House approves ban on conversion therapy

> Colorado lawmakers hope winter-driving bill gains traction

> New Colorado bill aims to keep young students in school after they misbehave

> Colorado bill would take back money from state-authorized charter schools

> WATCH: Bill would protect Colorado patients from having liens placed on their homes for medical bills

> Bill would let Coloradans with mental health disorders create advance orders

> Bill would let younger Colorado children access mental health care without parental permission

> AG Weiser, Denver archdiocese announce review of Colorado clergy abuse allegations

> Police internal files could become public under bill approved by Colorado House committee

> State Rep. Larry Liston finds support for special district voting

> NBC spotlights Colorado Senate's 'Fab Five' (VIDEO)

> WATCH: Colorado lawmakers take a shine to tinted-window bill

> Colorado legislators work to close sexual assault law loophole

> Colorado restaurateurs want one straw law to rule them all

> Polis sees 'historic opportunity' for health care reform

> CAPITOL M | Feb. 10-16: Love is in the air edition

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