Lisa LaBriola

Lisa LaBriola. 

Lisa LaBriola, a member of the state Senate Democrats' staff since 2010, is joining the lobbying team for Axiom Politics.

She has served as an aide, policy director, deputy chief of staff, and for the last two session as chief of staff to both Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman in 2018 and Senate President Leroy Garcia in 2019. 

“Lisa is going to be a true value add to the Axiom team,” Axiom President Micki Hackenberger said on Thursday. “There are very few people who have the extensive experience inside the Capitol as Lisa, and she will excel at communicating to legislators our clients’ wide range of issues. She understands policy, and she understands politics — and I’m proud to hire yet another strong talent in this space.”

LaBriola's work on behalf of Senate Democrats has included the 2017 hospital provider fee reclassification, a medication-assisted treatment pilot program to combat the opioid epidemic, and the state budgets. 

LaBriola said in a statement Thursday that “it’s been the opportunity of a lifetime to serve the Colorado Senate Democrats, both in the minority and the majority.

"I’ve seen firsthand the people and firms who really are involved in every issue and are shaping state law, and Micki and her team are always at the forefront — knowledgeable, respected and successful. That is one of the many reasons why I am excited to join Axiom Politics and engage from a different viewpoint at the legislature.”

LaBriola will be succeeded as chief of staff by James Lucero, the deputy chief of staff.

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